Monday, April 4, 2011

The Cottage in the Garden

You know your life is good when you have such beauty in your life--perfect weather and loving friends.The Cottage was over-flowing with blissful wares and an abundance of romantic furnishings and the garden filled with chatter and sweet energy.Vignettes designed and displayed as only these artists can do, a beautifulblend of old, vintage and creative works literally blooming in my yard. I love them all and our fabulous clients that visited and shopped. I am excited now to be preparing for the Point Loma Garden Walk April 23rd. and then off to the Vintage Market Place at the 'Oaks" June 3rd and 4th.  Also you can come visit me here at the Cottage every 3rd week-end.Thursday through Saturday, I will be bringing  in more plants and garden things...we can sit in the courtyard and watch the doves...till then,Shirleanne


  1. Hi sister, It all looks so beautiful. We really are sorry we missed being there. What a lovely setting. I think if we lived there we would get nothing done. We would always be sitting in the garden. You are blessed. Missed you at Rita's but always look forward to seeing you in June. Give our love to your soooooooo sweet hubby.
    Sweet Blessings, Abbey

  2. oooh what a cute blog! want to jump to your followerlist if thats ok. warm wishes and a happy sunny day! di